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DEBACTEROL® is a liquid topical agent that is used in the treatment of ulcerating oral mucosal lesions. DEBACTEROL® is a liquid, topical, debriding agent used for treating ulcerating oral mucosal lesions, commonly referred to as canker sores, aphthous ulcers, or oral ulcers, as well as minor oral abrasions. DEBACTEROL® has unique chemical and physical properties that are particularly beneficial whenever a dental or medical procedure in the mouth requires controlled, limited debridement of necrotic or damaged tissues.

DEBACTEROL® is uniquely effective in the treatment of Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis (Canker Sores). DEBACTEROL® is the only treatment for Aphthous Stomatitis that completely stops oral ulcer pain, seals damaged oral mucosal tissues and aids natural healing processes after just one application, which requires only minutes to perform.

For immediate, total relief from Canker Sore pain, locate a Dental or Medical Practitioner in your area that offers DEBACTEROL® treatment of Canker Sores to their patients.


Here's how it works

Simply dry the lesion with a cotton swab and apply Debacterol. In only seconds, the pain is gone! Typically, the lesion is replaced by healthy tissue in three to five days.



Why is DEBACTEROL® so effective over conventional products?

In order for any ulcerating mucosal lesion to heal, the factors causing the injury must first be controlled at the ulcer site. Then, any necrotic tissue debris in the ulcer bed must be removed so that healthy new cells are able to migrate into the damaged area and proliferate. In the normal course of healing in an untreated individual, the immune system is relied upon to perform and promote all of these activities. A limiting factor in the rate of ulcer healing is the capacity of the immune system of an individual to prevent further damage and to clear the way for repair cells to infiltrate and multiply.

Practitioners will find that DEBACTEROL® is an exceptionally useful tool when performing any procedures in the oral cavity which require controlled, focal debridement of necrotic tissues. However, DEBACTEROL® has been found to be uniquely effective in the treatment of Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis (Canker Sores). When evaluating the treatment parameters for RAS and other mucosal lesions, there is no comparison between the performance of DEBACTEROL® and other therapies. Ulcer pain is eliminated immediately and completely in all patients at the instant DEBACTEROL® is applied and the time to mucosal healing is reduced dramatically.

The pain relief benefits of DEBACTEROL® over other therapies are so great that the burden of seeking professional treatment for Canker Sores is viewed by patients as well worth the effort and expense. It is a common practice in many dental and medical clinics for Hygienists and Nurses to be trained in the use of DEBACTEROL® for the treatment of common lesions, such as Aphthous Stomatitis, and to provide that treatment on a routine basis. In this way, established patients can be treated quickly and easily on a walk-in basis whenever they detect a new developing lesion.