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Product Endorsements  
“I have used DEBACTEROL® for the last nine years in my Oral Surgery Practice. I have had outstanding results with no side effects when DEBACTEROL® was used for the treatment of Aphthous Ulcers. The pain relief is immediate and the speed with which the lesions heal is amazing. After one treatment, the results are described as a 'miracle' by my patients.”

Richard F. Moorhouse, DDS
Sacramento, California


“DEBACTEROL® has a proven track record of consistently taking away the pain of Aphthous Ulcers while helping them to heal. I can say without question for myself and our clients, DEBACTEROL® is awesome. I wouldn't want to be without it.”

Joseph J. Varno, DDS
Edina, Minnesota


“I've had clients come in with such a sore ulcer that they didn't think that they could sit through the hygiene appointment. After a 2 minute treatment with DEBACTEROL®, I completed their visit comfortably.”

Jill M. Bebus, RDH
Eden Prairie, Minnesota