Debacterol Stop canker sores in 5 seconds flat.

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    If you are a Dental or Medical professional you can order DEBACTEROL® from the following distributors:
    Ace Surgical Supply 800•441•3100
    Atlanta Dental 800•241•3743
    Benco Dental 800•462•3626
    Burkhart Dental Supply 800•562•8176
    Burkhart Dental Supply 800•562•8176
    Carolina Dental Supply 800•642•0636
    Darby Dental 800•645•2310
    Dental 800•353•9595
    Dental Health Products, Inc 800•626•2163
    Endoco (Ultimate Dental) 866•683•6679
    Freud-Carson Dental 800•453•7383
    Garden State Dental Supplies 866•659•0600
    Goetze Dental 800•692•0804
    Huge Marketing 800•276•9658
    Kisco Dental 800•325•8649
    M&S Dental Supply 888•226•7975
    Midwest Dental Supply 800•766•2025
    Nashville Dental Inc 800•251•2196
    Patterson Dental Supply 800•328•5536
    Pearson Dental Supply 800•535•4535
    Practicon 800•959•9505
    Safco Dental Supply 800•621•2178
    Solutions Online 888•293•0850
    Henry Schein Dental 800•372•4346
    WestDent 800•848•4880
    Pharmacies can order DEBACTEROL® swabs from these wholesalers:
    Amerisource Bergen Drug Corporation 610•727•7000
    Cardinal Health  800•926•3161
    Dakota Drug      800•437•2018
    Health Mart (a division of McKesson)    800•482•3784
    McQueary Brothers Drug   800•747•2577

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